Skrill Money transfer in Canada

Skrill, which up until 2011 was known as Moneybookers, is a convenient banking option for Canadians. Skrill functions by facilitating a connection between various banking methods, i.e. credit cards, debit cards, cheque accounts and wire transfers, into a single e-wallet account and thereby effectively transferring money from clients’ personal bank accounts to their online casino accounts with total security and confidentiality. This puts the unmitigated thrills of gambling and casino play literally at their fingertips.

Skrill is an electronic wallet, or e-wallet, and has steadily become a reputable, trusted and highly regarded player within the internet banking industry. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Skrill operates like a virtual bank account, which can be opened by following a simple procedure on the Skrill web site. Funds are then transferred into the account using regular bank accounts, credit cards or any other online source. These funds are then available and easily accessed in order to make deposits at your mobile casino in Canada as well as being able to facilitate payments to other online merchants. Skrills’ aim is to assist their customers by improving online security since all bank, and credit card account details are only given to Skrill and thus not divulged to any online merchants or online casinos at all.

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Just look for the Skrill logo

Operationally, the Skrill payment option is easily selected at the multitude of retail and casino sites displaying the logo. Thereafter, customers simply select their Skrill account and deposit the amount required. This deposit transfer is facilitated using an email address and the assigned Skrill password. Once the deposit has been confirmed, the funds are directly available and can instantly be transferred to an online casino account, or any retailer too for that matter.

The process for the withdrawal of funds using Skrill is similar to that for deposits. However, withdrawals may take up to two days due to processing time requirements. A useful tip, at this juncture, is to take note of any casino-specific restrictions or constraints that apply, as these may limit or consume processing time. However, once these requirements are effected, Skrill customers have access to one of the most convenient payment systems available, with a host of benefits, including some of the most advanced security features in the industry!

The advantages of an effective e-wallet

The benefits of using the Skrill system are practical in nature, accounting for its popularity and the number of large volume players using it. Skrill also has a VIP account especially for high-rollers, with multi-currency accounts and special security procedures. In principle this is a real-time online financial transfer service that negates the requirements for banking and user data to be inputted with every transaction, and without the standard delays or limits set by other forms of money transfer. Eliminating the need for credit cards, Skrill allows customers instantaneous access to their own money. Clearly this immediate effect also applies to casino bonus offers and winnings achieved too.

Another welcome feature of Skrill is that it is significantly cheaper than most other payment processors, and, not requiring a credit card is highly appealing to many Canadian casino players. This solid internet security, plus the knowledge that Skrill is regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) in the UK engenders genuine peace of mind – something all gamblers need when concentrating on their craft.

The instantaneous receipts, great savings on credit card fees and the added security of not having to enter personal account details makes Skrill a real and viable payment solution for all Canadians.

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