MasterCard Payment methods in Canada

There are many payment options available to Canadian mobile gamers and as they have discovered, some are better than others. Before you choose a payment method, you should always do some research to see if the payment method will suit your needs. In the past, mobile gamers have had to set up bank accounts in order to make deposits to a Canadian mobile casino. This method is time consuming and you will also incur bank charges for moving money from one account to another. For this reason, Canadian mobile gamers started looking for an alternative payment solution for their gaming. One of the most popular payment solutions among Canadians today is MasterCard this is without a doubt, one of the best payment solutions available on the internet today.

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Making a deposit to a mobile casino

There are a few steps that you will need to follow when you make a deposit into a Canadian mobile casino. Firstly, you should be aware that many casinos will ask you for a scanned copy of the card that you intend to use along with some proof of identification. This seems inconvenient but these are in place for security reasons and will protect your personal details and your money from fraudsters. This information will only be required from you the first time you visit a particular Canadian mobile casino. When this first step has been completed you can log in, confirm the details associated with the MasterCard and make a deposit. After you have made a deposit you will then have to wait for a confirmation e-mail that will be sent to you from the Canadian mobile casino. Once you have your confirmation, you can start playing your favourite mobile casino games. In order to check your balance at the casino, you can go to the casino’s cashier. Remember to always play it safe and play at a mobile casino that has been reviewed and rated by this site.

Prepaid cards at mobile casinos

Along with debit and credit cards MasterCard also offers a prepaid card which is one of the most convenient payment options for Canadian online gamers and are growing in popularity. They can be bought at any retail outlet and you don’t need a credit card or even a bank account in order to obtain one. When using a prepaid card, you never have to give out any of your personal details over the internet. There are also different types of prepaid card too, there is the re-loadable prepaid debit card, the pre-paid gift card and you can even buy cards online using your MasterCard credit card.

Safety and security

When you play at a Canadian mobile casino reviewed on this site, you are guaranteed only the highest standard of security available. All the mobile casinos reviewed here use 128 bit encryption technology to keep your personal details and your money safe at all times.

To conclude

MasterCard is the safest, most convenient way to make deposits to a Canadian mobile casino. If you are Canadian mobile gamer looking for a great payment solution, then look no further than MasterCard!

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