Sic Bo Mobile Casinos in Canada

Sic bo is an ancient Chinese game of chance played with 3 dice. It was originally very popular in Asia and was brought to other countries such as Canada by Chinese immigrants. It was very popular in brick and mortar casinos and when online gaming came into being it became even more popular in online casinos. Many Canadians played this game at Canadian online casinos on their desktop and laptop computers. When the smartphone and the tablet became so popular, Canadian online casino companies started developing a mobile version and today Mobile Sic bo is an extremely popular mobile game among Canadians. In the past, people have had to sit at their desktop computers or find a place to put their laptops in order to play at their favourite Canadian mobile casino. Now you can play wherever and whenever you want right on your mobile device.

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How the Sic Bo casino game works

When it comes to rules and gameplay, Sic bo is a relatively simple game. The whole game is basically the prediction of the outcome of the roll of 3 dice which are thrown onto a table layout. In some regards the game is similar to craps, but Mobile Sic bo is much easier to play and understand than craps. Although the game itself is simple, there are a huge amount of bets and bet types that can be made. There are 6 main types of bet, although there may be others added depending on the variation of the game you play. These are the 6 common ones that are featured in any game: big or small, odd or even, total sum, triple numbers, any triple bet and double. Mobile Sic bo is based on luck and therefore does not require any strategy either, however, when betting you might want to remember that the best bets to place are big/small and odd/even. The reason for this is that the house advantage is smaller on these 2 bets than on any of the others. When you play at a Canadian mobile casino, you will be provided with all the instructions on how to play the game and many of the casinos reviewed on this site will allow you to play a free version of the game in order to learn how to play.

Casino Bonuses at Canadian mobile casinos

All the casinos reviewed by us will offer new players an online casino bonus of some description. The most popular bonuses offered are the welcome bonus and the deposit match bonus. The welcome bonus is a bonus given to the new player in the form of money to spend at that particular casino. Once you have spent the money, you can either quit or make a deposit and continue playing Mobile Sic bo. If you choose to make a deposit, you will often be given a deposit match bonus which is a sum of money equal to or more than the amount you deposited.

Safety and security

All the Canadian mobile casinos reviewed and rated on this site will offer the best security available on the internet. Due to the sophisticated 128 bit security software used by Canadian mobile casinos, your personal details and money will be kept safe at all times.

To conclude

Mobile Sic bo is a very exciting game and you can win some really big cash prizes. If you have never played Mobile Sic bo before, get to a Canadian mobile casino today and start playing.

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