Craps Mobile Casinos in Canada

The game of Craps is an enduring classic in the casino world. In this game, players are tasked with predicting the outcome of a roll of a pair, or several, dice. While this sounds very simplistic, the game can become very thrilling and competitive when multiple players are involved! The fact that a few people are needed to make an exciting game of Craps means that it might not always be possible for you to enjoy the game without arranging for company to come over and join you for a game. For this reason, and many more, mobile Craps is a great solution for Craps players who want to enjoy the game whenever they like! By having Craps available to play on your preferred mobile device, you are free to take part in a thrilling game anywhere, as long as you have your mobile device on hand.

Best Canadian Online Casinos


$1,600 CAD Over 750 Games
2 $1,000 CAD Over 700 Games
3 $750 CAD Over 600 Games
4 $500 CAD Over 580 Games
5 $1,000 CAD Over 580 Games
6 $350 CAD Over 600 Games
7 $800 CAD Over 590 Games

Ideal for beginners

If you have never had the chance to play Craps before, but want to get started with this game, then mobile Craps offers you the ideal way to learn the game at your own pace. Some Canadian mobile casinos offering Craps, listed on this site, will allow you to play in a free mode, where you will not have to put down any real cash to play. Naturally, this means that you cannot win any real cash, but this mode will let you play without the pressure of risk, until you feel confident enough to move into a real money casino mode, where you will put down real money, and stand to win real cash rewards!

Casino games of a very high quality

Modern mobile casino games have come a long way! Today, with mobile technology being as advanced as it is, casino developers are able to design and produce games like mobile Craps to an extremely high standard. You will not be compromising when it comes to user experience, visuals or overall game quality when you choose to play your favourite casino game on your modern mobile device. Mobile Craps are of a very high standard, and if you scan our list of Canadian Craps providers on mobile devices, you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised by the stunning visuals, graphics and animations that are presented in these games and suites. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets now have larger screens and higher resolutions than their older counterparts, so the technology allows for better quality games.

Real money to be won

Many casino players think that they will have to settle for smaller winnings when they play mobile casino games. This is an incorrect assumption, however, as the winnings on offer in mobile Craps are considerable. The Canadian mobile casino market is very popular as it offers players an unprecedented level of convenience and flexibility. Because of this popularity, the best Canadian mobile Craps providers are offering players some truly impressive rewards, bonuses and potential winnings. Review our list today and select the Craps game on mobile that best suits your needs and preferences for an ideal Craps experience!

$1,600 CAD Over 450 Games
$1,000 CAD Over 500 Games
$750 CAD Over 450 Games
$500 CAD Over 450 Games
150% up to $200 CAD Over 440 Games
$350 CAD Over 450 Games
$800 CAD Over 440 Games